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Our Mission

The mission of Polk County Public Schools is to provide a high-quality education for all students.

In accomplishing this mission, we envision that students will effectively:

  • read, write, compute, speak, listen, and use complex thinking skills to solve problems
  • be self-directed in creating personal purpose and vision, setting priorities, choosing ethical action, and creating their own knowledge
  • cooperate and collaborate with others in working with and leading groups, interact positively in diverse settings, recognize the value and contributions of all individuals, and make positive contributions to their communities
  • understand and use social, organizational, and technological systems; design, monitor, improve and correct performance within a system; and create viable products

These desired student outcomes and practices will be fostered and nurtured in schools and classrooms in which:

  • adults assume instructional and ethical leadership to create efficient, effective environments perceived as safe, healthy, and equitable, where students are recognized as unique individuals capable of learning and independent thinking
  • adults use varied and reliable teaching and evaluative procedures through relevant curricula
  • adults enable students, families, and communities to work cooperatively to assume responsibility for the total educational experience
  • adults engage in professional growth and training activities to effect continuous improvement
  • students are guided in their total physical, mental and emotional development through activities that are student-centered and focus on positive expectations and encourage intrinsic motivation

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Components of Title I are:

  • Effective Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Parental Involvement

Studies show that the more parents are involved in the education of their child, the more academically successful that child will be. The goal of the Title I Parent Involvement program is to give school-based Parent Involvement Facilitators information, materials and resources to enable them to provide for their parents at the school-level. It is the job of the Facilitator to give parents the tools and resources necessary for them to help their child at home. Everyone working together in this way gives the child the best possible support for doing well in school.

District Title I Web Page

District Title I Parent & Family Engagement Plan

School Title I Parent & Family Engagement Plan

District & School Title I Parent & Family Engagement Plan Summary

“All Title 1 schools have copies of the Parent and Family Engagements Plans. (PFEP’s) in their front office, as well as translated
versions. For a copy of the PFEP or District PFEP, please email or call the school.”

Explanation of State and District Test Scores

Annual Report Card

Assessments and Testing

Polk County Public Schools administers assessments to students in grades pre-kindergarten to 12th grade to measure their achievement on Florida’s education standards, which were developed and implemented to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for success in college, career, and life. Assessment supports instruction and student learning, and test results help district leaders and stakeholders determine whether the goals of the curriculum and instruction are being met.

The following statewide assessments will be administered this year.

Florida Standards Assessments (FSA)

  • Kindergarten — Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS)
  • Grades 3-10 — English Language Arts (ELA) – Reading/listening component
  • Grades 4-10 — English Language Arts (ELA) – Writing component
  • Grades 3-8 — Mathematics

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) Assessments

  • Grades 5 and 8 Statewide Science Assessment

More information on assessments

School Parent Compact

“A school-parent compact is a written agreement between the school and the parents of children participating in Title 1,
Part A programs that identifies the activities that the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will undertake to share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. This agreement is developed with input from parents, community members and school staff.

At elementary Title 1 schools, the compact is discussed during family/teacher conferences. All Title 1 schools have copies of the compact in their front office, as well as translated versions. For a copy of the school compact, please email or call the school.”

Right to Know letters

Right to Know letters English and Spanish


Snively Schoolwide Improvement Plan

The purpose of a Schoolwide Improvement Plan (SIP) is to develop a plan with school staff and leaders to help improve the academic achievement.
For a copy of the SIP, please email or call the school. A paper copy is available in the front office or you can visit

John Snively Elementary School Improvement Plan

Parent Guide and Code of Conduct – English

Code of Conduct – Haitian Creole Version

Code of Conduct – Spanish

Parent Resource Center 

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