First Grade

First Grade

The first grade team at Snively Elementary uses the Trophies Reading Series as our Reading Program. It consists of weekly spelling lists, stories, and vocabulary. Our goal as a team is to focus on what skills the students will need next year to succeed in second grade. We work on various things such as making predictions in stories, using background to understand stories, determining whether stories are fiction or nonfiction, as well as using basic elements of phonetic analysis to hear and blend sounds. During our ninety minute reading block every morning, the children participate in Literacy Centers as well as individual reading groups. This helps us as teachers to give more one on one attention to each child. Snively Elementary, as well as first graders,participate in AR reading. The children check out books from the library and take quizzes online. They acquire points and earn prizes such as pizza certificates for meeting their reading goals, which are set by each teacher.

Mathematics in first grade is very important. When children learn the basic Math skills in first grade, this helps them build a foundation for learning higher level Math skills later in their school career. We use the Scott Foresman Math series. The series starts off with basis addition and subtraction. We also work on counting by one’s, two’s, five’s, and ten’s. Other skills the children are learning are fractions, place value, measuring, money, and geometry. Each week we hold a Mad Minute Math Drill. The children have two minutes to complete as many problems as they can. If they complete the entire sheet with no errors they move on to the next level. Once four math drills are successfully completed in one month, the children earn a certificate. They are awarded the certificate on our morning news show, Tiger Talk News. These types of activities keep our children motivated and excited about learning.

Science is very important in First Grade.  We discuss things such as matter and what the difference is between a solid, liquid, and gas. We teach the children about the earth, space, the process of life, and how living things interact with their environment. Social Studies in another subject we focus on. Children are taught about different events in history and how different people in different cultures live, work, and communicate. We also talk about our United States Government and how it functions. First graders at Snively are exposed to economics. They learn the difference between goods and services, how different types of work benefit families and communities, and different ways to save money.

Overall, first graders at Snively are being taught wonderful things that will help them succeed in school years to come as well as in life its self. As a team, we are very proud of our students. We work hard each day to instill in them educational values as well as moral values. Our students are very special to us and we are all proud to be their teachers!

Our Favorite Links For Students

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  • 30 min Journal writing
  • 90 min Reading & phonics
  • 30 min Individual reading
  • 45 min Specials
  • 30 min Science
  • 30 min Social Studies
  • 25 min Lunch
  • 40 min Math

Supply List

  • Six (6) folders with brads
  • Two (2) glue sticks
  • One (1) box of pencils (12 pack)
  • Two (2) spiral single subject notebooks with perforated edges

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