Second Grade

John Johnson : 2nd Grade

John Johnson

2nd Grade
Hollie Martinez : 2nd Grade

Hollie Martinez

2nd Grade

Mrs. Martinez loves teaching because each day brings new challenges and triumphs.  I cannot wait to see the AHA moments that my students have. I have been teaching for eight years and have taught in grades K, 2 and 5th.  In my spare time I love spending time with my husband and three children.
Sharon Griffin : 2nd Grade

Sharon Griffin

2nd Grade

Mrs. Griffin - I lived in North Carolina for 21 years. I attended and graduated from Livingstone College in Salisbury, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. I am certified in Elementary Education grades 1-6. I have been married for 17 years to Jeffrey Griffin and have 3 wonderful children. My favorite hobby is shopping.
Pamela Ward : 2nd grade

Pamela Ward

2nd grade

The life of a Second Grade student mainly focuses on Reading, Language, Math, Social Studies and Science, which is included throughout the day/week. Our school uses many programs. Accelerated Reading (A.R) helps assist students with their reading comprehension skills. Students check out books according to their reading level. They have the choice to either read the books independently, with a partner, or listen to the teacher read aloud. After reading the book, they are given the opportunity to take a reading comprehension test on the book they just read. Our classrooms also contain a tape assisted reading program, Leapfrog, listening centers, computers and other educational materials which help aid in their overall academics. Students also go to the computers labs to work on their reading and math skills weekly. They are using the Harcourt Trophies reading test based on their reading level in the classroom which focuses on phonics, grammar, reading skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. For Math we use Houghton Mifflin Harcourt series which focuses on the skills necessary for the Second Grade which includes Telling Time, Money, Number Sense, Concept and Operations (Addition Subtraction and Multiplication), Measurement, Geometry, Spatial Sense and Algebraic Thinking.

Our Favorite Links For Students

Starfall –

Harcourt Publishers Learning Site

Literactive –

Oswego Interactive Games –

Scholastic School Learning Site

Our Favorite Links For Parents

Florida Department of Education



Our students also attend one or two of the following special’s each day:

  • Physical Education
  • Science Lab
  • Art
  • Music
  • Computer Lab for forty minutes.

Supply List

  • Six (6) folders with brads
  • Two (2) glue sticks
  • One (1) box of pencils (12 pack)
  • Two (2) spiral single subject notebooks with perforated edges
  • 300 sheets of notebook paper (wide ruled)


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