Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Writing is a major part of the life of a fourth grader at Snively Elementary since we take the FCAT writing test for the first time in fourth grade. We surround ourselves with colorful words, figurative language and good describing ideas so that we are able to write about any and every subject. We read not only our anthology but a variety of trade books. We surround ourselves with good books, both informative and fictional. We enjoy learning more and more about math, science and social studies as well. Each school day is a new adventure and we enjoy each and every day!!!!

Our Favorite Links For Students

FCAT Explorer

Compass Learning

Oswego Interactive Math Games

Harcourt Publishers Learning Site

Scholastic School Learning Site


Our Favorite Links For Parents

Florida Department of Education Sample FCAT Questions

Florida Department of Education Main Internet Site



  • 90 min of reading
  • 30 min orientation to day, spelling, BBYT activities
  • 40 min Music, PE, or Compass Lab
  • 1 hour 35 min Reading
  • 30 min Lunch
  • 45 min Writing
  • 40 min Exploration Lab,  Compass Lab, Science, or Art
  • 50 min Math
  • 30 min Science
  • 30 min Social Studies

Supply List

  • Six (6) folders with brads
  • Two (2) glue sticks
  • One (1) box of pencils (12 pack)
  • Two (2) spiral single subject notebooks with perforated edges
  • 300 sheets of notebook paper (wide ruled)

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