Fifth Grade

Mrs. Kimberly White
Mrs. Kelly Bracey




Mrs. Angela Nichols

The emphasis for fifth grade is on reading, math, and science.  One of the programs for reading is called Accelerated Reader. This program has students check out books from the media center or classroom library on their personal reading levels. When finished with their library book they are to use the computer to take a comprehension test on the book. Also, in our classrooms we have a tape assisted reading program which helps students with fluency and comprehension.

With fifth grade also focusing on math in the classroom, the students go to a lab two days a week for 45 minutes. In the computer lab, students use the Compass Odyssey Learning program to assist them with the individual math skills they need.  Along with Math Point Quiz Show.

Science is another emphasis for us. Following the state standards in the classroom, the students work closely on material to help them in preparation for the FCAT. They also go to a science lab weekly to learn the scientific method which is essential to science learning.

We, fifth grade teachers, feel that fifth graders need a positive home-school relationship and we encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s education. We appreciate all parent contacts and hope to work together to improve the students’ education.

Our Favorite Links For Students

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Elementary Science Topics

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Our Favorite Links For Parents

Florida Department of Education Sample FCAT Questions

Florida Department of Education




  • 90 min of reading
  • special
  • math
  • 30 min lunch
  • science
  • special
  • social studies
  • 30 min AR reading

Supply List

  • Six (6) folders with brads
  • Two (2) glue sticks
  • One (1) box of pencils (12 pack)
  • Two (2) spiral single subject notebooks with perforated edges
  • 300 sheets of notebook paper (wide ruled)


5th Grade Newsletter