Debra Braden : Art Teacher

Debra Braden

Art Teacher

Candace Sheffield : Media Specialist

Candace Sheffield

Media Specialist

Jessica Banks : Music Teacher

Jessica Banks

Music Teacher

David Ramos Suárez : PE Coach

David Ramos Suárez

PE Coach


Media Center – Ms. Sheffield

The Media Center is open in the morning for students to checkin/out books. Students will participate in a Media Center class once a week. The curriculum includes a mixture of learning about how to find a book, how to checkin/out a book, completing research projects, Internet Safety, digital storytelling, manners and learning about many of the online Media resources.

Click Here for the Media Center Connection.

Music – Ms. Banks

The music program includes general music classroom instruction for all students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The children learn the about the basic elements in music such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, form, meter, note reading, and tone color, as well as history and geography through national and multicultural music.. In addition the upper grades have opportunities to do some performance in chorus programs and musical productions. They can also learn to play several instruments such as the guitar, recorder, ukuleles and xylophones. The lower grades all learn note reading and have opportunities to read the music and play the songs on rhythm instruments and song bells. My style of teaching is very hands-on and movement oriented, so our children learn to freely participate in many styles of dance and creative movement. The music room at Snively is usually a pretty happy place to be!!.

Cool websites:
classicsforkids.com (instrument sounds, activities and games)

Physical Education – Coach Ramos

The students in primary grades participate in a variety of simple games, rhythms, and movement exploration activities. Many of the games reinforce what is taught in the classroom. In the intermediate grades the students start playing team sports. Basketball, soccer, and softball are the student favorites. Just before spring break the school holds a field day for all the students in grades K-5. Each year at end of April, the Winter Haven Evening Optimist Club hosts a one day track meet for 5th grade. Snively and area schools participate in this event.


 Some of our favorite Web sites are:

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