Congratulations to Debra Braden, The District 6 Teacher of the Year 2023

Debra Braden

Officially, Braden is an art teacher, but school administrators say she’s also a cheerleader for all students. You can regularly find her taking photos and videos at school events to be shared online with the Snively community.

She’s an outstanding teacher as well. Her art students frequently win awards and have their work showcased in local exhibitions, and Braden also displays their art in Snively’s main hallway and lunchroom. Administrators say she has a gift for connecting with students and helping them discover their innate talents.

Braden makes every child know that their work is special; she is endlessly dedicated to her students

Congratulations SSYRA!

Diorama – Blue Ribbon
Board Game – White Ribbon
Movie – Red Ribbon
Book Bowl – White Ribbon
Performance – Blue Ribbon (Second year in a row!)